From far left: Magic Andrew snowboard – Crazy Ming Ski – Boss Pete Ski – China Jack Ski.

Andrew is from London, and is so passionate about his teaching and riding. Guaranteed to get you riding first day.
Ming is from Hong Kong where there is no snow, thankfully he came to join us in Madarao. Has an amazing sense of humour and loves teaching kids.
Pete, well not much to say as it’s all been said above.
Jumpin’ Jack Flash wanted to become an amazing web designer until he became a ski instructor just three seasons ago. Animated, enthusiastic and fun. In fact that is one of the things with our instructors, they are not only chosen for their skiing and snowboarding skills and teaching abilities, but also for how they are able to make the lesson fun, and a great place to be with their clients wanting to come back for more. Well done team, you are awesome. And this is only a third of the crew.


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