Private Lessons – Madarao & Tangram

Private lessons have a maximum of 4 persons in the lesson (this may be dependant on the individuals skill levels)  Adding additional people to a private lesson will accrue an additional charge. 

To secure your lesson bookings, advance bookings will require a deposit. Once the booking has been confirmed by email, we will send you the payment details for transferring the deposit funds to our bank account in Japan. The balance is to be paid in cash at our desk prior to the time of lesson. Our desk is directly adjacent (3 m) from the ticket office.  You can also settle your payment balance at our other office which is at the Drop Off Bar on restaurant street and directly opposite Active Life.

Tangram Lessons:

Lessons booked from Tangram are all 2hr lessons including the afternoon lessons unless otherwise discussed previously. There is also an additional fee of 2,000 jpy for travel time



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                    Multi day prices are only available when full 3 or 5 day bundles are purchased, and are per person.   The per day amount shows you the bundle savings.     


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