Imai Tokoro @ the Drop Off Bar.


Imai Tokoro restaurant in Madarao is about to rise and live again. Translated it means “Beautiful Place” and was the original name of the building until renamed the Drop Off Bar in 2016. The upstairs restaurant will be launched this coming season after renovations are completed seating approximately 20 additional diners to the lower floor bar area. Offering a delicious mix of Japanese Fusion cuisine, along with our very popular Tapas, provides a divine variety of flavours.

However, it takes more than exquisite cooking to make a memorable meal. We believe an intimate atmosphere in the right location, personal and attentive service and great company are what separates a delicious dinner from an unforgettable experience. Imai Tokoro & the Drop Off Bar will open from the 15th December, coinciding with the resort opening weekend. We look forward to an amazing season along with spending good times and wonderful memories with our patrons.

Opened in 2016, the Drop Off Bar is the in place to be in Madarao.  Serving the best coffee, the coolest beers and great wines, not to mention the awesome cocktails and Saki bombs PLUS a range of very tasty bar food. Check out our Menu here but in the meantime check us out here



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