Location & Address

Imai Tokoro @ the Drop Off Bar  –  1101-78-3 Tarumoto, Myoko Shi, Niigata, Japan

Alpha Lodge  –  1,101-101, Tarumoto-hei, Myoko Shi, Niigata, Japan

The addresses are a bit confusing, but both places are in the centre of Madarao and are pretty easy to find. After hitting the Welcome to Madarao sign which is just past the massive Hotel Simpatique on the left, the first bus stop will be announced so now half way along the straight uphill street press the stop button for Alpha Lodge. Pay the driver 500 yen then make your way across the road and down the side street to Alpha. If you want to get off at the Drop off bar then press the same button just after the 90º left turn. You’ll see the Drop Off Bar to the right.




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