Check your Levels


Not sure what ski level you are? Check out our level guide to find out what Clinic or Experience would be best for you.

It’s really important for the Action Snow Sports team to put you in the right clinic so you get the most fun and improvement out of your time on the hill. However, if you’re not too sure, don’t worry because once we see how you ski we’ll know the best clinic for you. Also participants can sometimes learn so quickly, so where they may have had some issues early in the week, after some strong development they may be able to jump up into the next clinic.  

Once you are happy with your level, choose your Resort and Book the clinic. It’s that easy!


Level 1  (Beginner)

These skiers have learnt about the ski and bindings and learn about edging by walking sideways up the hill and rolling their edges into the snow as they go. They have made a snow plough glide and a snow plough stop on light green slopes. They have begun to understand some stance, leg turning and pressure on the ski in order to make it turn, and have practise making turns in both directions


Level 2  (Advanced Beginner)

These skiers are trying to make basic Christie turn on the carpet slope or really easy and are using a small snowplough wedge in between the turns to help turn initiation, matching the skis before the new turn begins. Skiers of this ability are working on stance, balance and leg turning consistently through the turn.   


Level 3  (Basic Intermediate)

These skiers can make basic parallel turns but lack the strength and confidence in the turn to make it consistent. These skiers can usually get down green and light blue runs. On blue runs however their technique suffers losing their stance and allowing the body to drop into the back seat pressuring the tail of the skis, making the steering more difficult. These skiers have usually attempted small bumps, steeper terrain and a bit of off-piste skiing but with no success.


Level 4  (Intermediate)

These skiers can make parallel turns with confidence on blues and some blacks. When they attempt harder black runs or steeper gradients they lose their technique and confidence and the body drops in the back seat and lose their ability to regain their stance. These skiers can generally get down through small moguls, easy steeps, some crud terrain and perhaps some powder but with a weak technique.

Level 5  (Advanced)

These skiers can ski almost all terrain with confidence and are wanting to ski harder, faster,  learn the art of consistent short turns with stronger edging developed through more angulation.  Making more dynamic carved turns and be stronger in the moguls. This level of performance requires stronger dynamics and a greater range of absorption and extension.





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