Getting to Madarao


Trains from Airports to Iiyama then change for Madarao

From Narita

Catching the train is a very common mode of transport in Japan and all big cities. So let’s run through the process of getting here from the airports to Central Tokyo and then on through to Iiyama and then YooHoo!!! Madarao !!!

Once you’ve arrived at Narita Airport (one of the Tokyo international Airports) and you have collected your baggage, and gone through customs.

Now before we go any further, decide whether you would prefer to have your luggage sent on to Alpha Lodge, as lugging it on & off trains etc can be a bit of a struggle especially if you are traveling on your own. If you decide to send it on, then as you enter the arrival area go to the right and find the Black Cat (Yamato) desk. The address of Alpha Lodge is 1101 – 101 Tarumoto-hei, Myoko shi, Niigata-ken

Now that you’ve possibly lightened your load, follow the train signs and purchase your ticket/s at the Narita Express (NEX) counter. You can buy a Shinkansen ticket here all the way to Iiyama from this counter and it is best to get a reserved seat. This will cost you approx 11,300 yen. You can also just get a ticket to Tokyo Central, then get another Shinkansen ticket. Either way, make sure that this train stops at Iiyama as some don’t and there is another city that sounds similar which I nearly got caught on once. You can ask for a return if you are returning within a few weeks, but any longer I’m not sure how long the return ticket lasts for, so make sure you check this! Also check what time your train leaves and what car and seat ok!!

Follow the signs to the Narita Express on platform 1, which is further on past the ticket counter but on the same side and both escalators go there. On the platform find your car number on the platform concrete. The train will be on time so make sure you are in line to board at the appropriate time. You will need to transfer at Tokyo Central.

From Haneda

Once you exit customs, go right if you want to do the luggage concierge to Alpha lodge Madarao see from Narita, it’s pretty much the same so just look for the signs. The airport staff are very helpful so don’t hesitate to ask for some help.

Get off at Tokyo and head for the Shinkansen train logo on the train info boards which are everywhere. Follow the logo until you find Shinkansen South 14-23, Generally, platform 23 is for Nagano/Iiyama but it won’t hurt to check at the ticket office or station staff. The train attendants are very helpful and a lot now speak enough English to answer your train questions.

At this point it might pay to grab a Sushi snack or Bento box before you go through to your platform, otherwise, you can buy food and drinks on the train, but there’s not much to choose from.

It is manners in Japan to line up behind other passengers, then jump on board find your seat then stow your luggage ski n boards need to be quickly thrown up on overhead racks along with whatever else you have. Take your seat and enjoy your gourmet meal and perhaps a beer or wine and enjoy your journey to your next adventure with us.

Don’t get off at Nagano please as some have before. Stay in your seat but be ready to get off at the next stop which is Iiyama. Pronounced (Eeyama)

Follow the exit signs, through the exit gates (put all your tickets into the slot if more than one) Keep going around to your right, find the escalator and go down to information and ask for next bus to Madarao, if there has been no pick up arranged. Check out the location guide below for Alpha bus stop and also hit the bus time table link and go for the community bus as it is cheaper, but when all else fails go for the other for just 300 yen more or grab a taxi.

We do provide a pickup service for 20,000 yen per trip. You will need to book this with us at least 7 days prior to your arrival in Japan. If you haven’t done this within this time, then please email us and we can see how our schedule is and hopefully we can arrange a pickup. Otherwise, it’s the bus or taxi.

The Madarao Community bus leaves from just in front of the information centre hourly. If you choose the bus option, then jump on then hop off at bus stop 2. So keep your eye out. Once you get to the big Hotel on your left after the climb up the hill, then past the Welcome to Madarao sign, when you are halfway up the straight hill hit the stop button. This should drop you off just opposite Alpha street if not the the next stop is Drop Off Bar stop so you can just walk back about 50 meters. At worst you will continue to the Kogan Hotel then you need to walk back down to Alpha. See the location map here

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