Big 4 Bonus Giveaways

31 Oct 2015 02.51AM

Big 4 Bonuses with every booking

We understand that it’s more than likely that you haven’t been on your skis or board for a few months or even more, so you’ll be keen to get those legs warmed up before the clinic starts and we want to help you. So we’ve decided to  give you a kick start with some freebies!!!

 Bonus 1.

Ski Free Sunday. We’ll give you a FREE all day lift pass, so that you can get out there and get those legs and muscles moving.

Bonus 2.

You will receive a COMPLIMENTARY Welcome dinner!

After your arrival in the resort, we’ll treat you to dinner. This is a great time to get to know you better and explain the exciting things we will be doing over the course of the clinic.

Bonus 3.

COMPLIMENTARY  Farewell dinner! We have had an amazing week, and  so we celebrate your successful completion of the clinic with a wonderful dinner. Time to reflect on what you have achieved, have a laugh about the good, the bad and of course the ugly, that is the face plants and stacks etc. 

Bonus 4.

We want to Ski With You FREE on Sunday to introduce you to & explore the resort, so that you become more familiar with the area. This way we’ll all get acquainted and be able to get straight into it on Monday

Total Bonuses Valued at $497.00

BOOK NOW !!! to take advantage of our Big Bonus offer while it lasts!!!


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