Nozawa Fire Festival week Clinic

05 Feb 2016 05.01AM

Next, we travelled onto Nozawa for the clinic of the Fire Festival week which is always an amazing event and not to be missed. We do this week every season so be sure you book in with us early so you are not disappointed.

Nozawa is an amazing Japanese village with lots of yummy restaurants and things to see and do with a fantastic ski area with great runs which suit all our clinics. Again more LBM’s with two clients saying they had never received the type of instruction we provide with our (Bad ASS) Fast Track system.

Farewell dinner saw 2 of the Pure fleeces go to the best dummy spit and most gutsy. In the past this person had only dreamed of conquering black runs and by the end of the clinic, skiing the chute (double black) was an amazing feat. The other went to the Most Consistent, Quiet Achiever who had only ever skied green and light blue and was now carving, doing some solid short turns and small moguls. So well done and congrats to those two.

                                         DSC00058 DSC00055 DSC00046                                                                            DSC02224 DSC02226 DSC02304                                                                            slide05

makes for great clinics. Not only do our clients get the best of instruction and skill building techniques but we also take them to interesting places like the Fire Festival. We went for a few apres drinks then when we headed out for everything was booked, luckily a bloke popped his head out the door of a little Ramen restaurant letting us know they were leaving. Perfect, and it came with pitches of Sake, so the night was enjoyed to the max. The second last pic is the market and vegetable cooking onsen. This is only allowed to be used by locals. You could understand why! A wonderful time was had by all and many have vowed to return. Such a beautiful village and great skiing and boarding. Sayonara Nozawa until next January 2017. Those of you who would be interested in joining us for that week to raise your skills in piste and powder, it would be advised to book in with us over the next few months as this place gets booked out by june july. We have already booked 8 rooms so if one has your name on it you better put a deposit down before they go


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